PAST: Formerly known as Bender Chaffey Corporation, Bender Custom Construction has built a reputation for being a builder who will not only meet your expectations but will far exceed them. When Don first conceptualized our company it was done with the desire to create a union of caring and experienced professionals who would be able to offer the client the best possible building experience. In doing so we have been able to remain a small and close knit company whose focus can continue to be on personal involvement with our clients and their needs.

PRESENT: Don has built the foundation of our company by embracing the knowledge that flexibility and transformation without ever compromising our integrity or level of personal service must always be present in the way we work. Throughout the last 30 years he has applied these principles when envisioning not only the future but also the ability to maintain our strong identity within the community.

Now with Don and Steve Bender working together as a father and son team to channel the direction of Bender Custom Construction we are able to maintain the feeling of pride and fulfillment in everything that we do. This experience with their supportive partnership has proven to have a profound impact on the relationships we have with our work, our clients and ourselves.

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